Common WordPress Development Mistakes

common wordpress development mistakes

 Here are some common wordpress development mistakes that you should avoid when develop wordpress site. Now 55% regarding the 1 million many visited web pages which operate on a content management system (CMS) WordPress. WordPress is the best CMS and it is extremely stable and simple to use, but, therefore, are Joomla and Drupal. WordPress is a free available blogging platform that every person likes because it aids multi-users and multiblogging. You can install widgets and plugins, that are readily available free on WordPress portals, to improve the functionality and user experience of your websites or blogs.
Whenever starting a website or blog, you can forget about a wide range of things in haste to launch the website or blog sooner, which tends to make the site at risk of mistakes and consequently get penalized in search engine rankings. Therefore, it’s helpful to have a list to seem through while you make your blog live.
Let’s check out at the very common wordpress development mistakes that new bloggers can make while dealing with website.

1) Slow Website Loading Time:

Very common wordpress mistakes are slow loading time. Among the secret difficulties which will displease your site visitors is the website loading time. If there are numerous plugins and widgets installed then you may deal with this mistake or if perhaps your web host may be not offer high quality hosting solutions or perhaps you are operating on a shared hosting in which you do not have plenty of functions allowed. If you are dealing with such issues, it’s large time for you get clear of all of the unnecessary plugins and get a much better web hosting for the blog. Today times here are a lot of managed WordPress hosting providers who offers you with one click hosting for WordPress as well as result in faster. You can also install caching plugin and use CDN(content delivery network) services to achieve results. This way you can stay away from this problem of WordPress.

2) Your Website is De-Indexed:

Therefore this will be a small mistake that anybody can do however the outcome of this small mistake may be catastrophic. In WordPress there’s a choice to keep websites “Private”.
People use this choice because they don’t wish to show their private data with the search engines. However, if you are seeking for visitors and you have not gained it then you may check out that your website setting set to private or not.

3) Database Connection Mistakes:

Nearly all of these mistakes seem at least once in your blog/website setup procedure. Database connection errors can occur because of a corrupt database or if perhaps website is not able to create a database connection. You will get clear of such mistakes by examining and fixing the problems in your MySQL Databases. Creating MySQL database for a theme is simple. However, if you plan to create personalized kinds, you may have to customize your MySQL database. A completely tuned database would assist you eliminate the overall performance problems with the database.

4) Incorrect Sidebar Widget Placements:

A lot of bloggers recommend keeping their blogs simple and just available. With the addition of some beautiful sidebar widgets which improves the lucidity of the website’s content flow, you can pep up your user engagement on the site. If you desire to feature sidebar widgets in your WordPress blog then you should include widgets that are absolutely required rather than simply as they are available.

5) White Screen of Death:

Almost 70% WordPress developers have actually experienced this mistake. It occurs whenever PHP resources are broken down and web browser shows a white display without any error. Significant grounds for the event of the mistake can are: Theme is damaged, Use of Incompatible Plugins, making an additional room in wp-config.php. To prevent this mistake, we use premium themes. Premium themes are great if purchased from the rack. However to have certain functions and features which you love to have, it’s usually great to employ a developer from a professional WordPress development company. This way you ensure the themes are compliant with most latest HTML CSS criteria. On internet there are lots of theme stores, you can purchase from them.


These are the common wordpress development mistakes occur when you are developing the blog or website. If you have any suggestions please leave in comment box.

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